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Tips For Finding Success While Attending Trade School

When you attend trade school, much of the time you spend learning will take place in a real-life job setting. While trade school's classroom component is certainly important, it's extremely valuable to make the most of your work placement. Doing so will not only help you earn good marks, but could lead to a part- or full-time job after graduation if the employer is highly satisfied with your skills and work ethic. Here are some tips for making sure that you succeed during the on-the-job part of trade school.

Keep Busy Even When There's Nothing To Do

Every job has its ebbs and flows, but no supervisor wants to see you sitting around when you haven't been assigned a specific task. Depending on the nature of your job placement, there are plenty of ways you can keep busy. If you're working in a machine shop, grab a broom and start to clean the floor. If you're in an office, organize the cabinet that holds the office supplies or fill the printers with paper. Your supervisor will be pleased to see that you're keeping busy and using the initiative to find a job to do.

Make Connections With Your Colleagues

It can be hugely beneficial to develop connections with your colleagues. Don't make the mistake of only speaking to your supervisor and a couple employees. By branching out and forming connections with as many people as possible, you'll be helping your career potential. For example, one colleague might know of a job opening in the field that could help you if your job placement doesn't turn into a job after you graduate from trade school.

Ask For Feedback

It's often ideal to continuously ask for feedback from your supervisor. While there will be formal evaluation periods, it's better to know that you're doing the job correctly -- or that you need to make some changes in certain areas -- in advance of sitting down for an evaluation. Many supervisors will appreciate someone who is conscientious and consistently asks for feedback on the job he or she is doing.

Stay Away From Office Politics

Do your best not to get involved in office politics or any other type of drama among employees or between employees and management. Your supervisor will likely see that you're demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and this will help your chance of a favorable evaluation and could even help your ability to find a job after the conclusion of the job placement.